Technology Offers

Discover our partners’ technology needs

The 'Technology Offers' space is a place of networking and interaction in order to facilitate the dissemination and exhibition of technological offers. Users interested in technological offers can interact directly with partners in the IP MARKETPLACE.

Does your company need licensing or patent assignement?
Are you looking for patents that can reduce your R&D investment costs? Do you need a technology partner?

Through our wide network of partners, you can find many technologies available for licensing or patent assignment in different technology areas.

Are you looking to sell your patent or take your invention to the next level?

This space allows you to exhibit your patents on the IP MARKETPLACE simply and free of charge.

  • Simple: You only need to register in a few steps and enter your information. Your technological offer is listed after approval.
  • Free of charge : this service is for free, the IP MARKETPLACE is not a commercial service.
  • Non-exclusive : you can still promote your patent on your own website or by other means.

We exhibit your invention and we facilitate contacts:

  • Interested users can contact you directly via the IP MARKETPLACE.