Frequently Asked Questions

IP MARKETPLACE is an initiative of the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC), which brings together innovation actors on the national scale in an online marketplace offering several opportunities, including Commercialization or Licensing of patents, Solving industrial technical challenges and Investing in innovative projects free of exploitation.

It is an online platform that makes it possible to expose technological offers and needs, to present business opportunities in innovation and to list R&D actors in Morocco in an interactive space stimulating collaboration between different parties. for different needs: Commercialization or Licensing of patents, Solving industrial technical challenges and Collaboration between innovation actors in different technological fields.

IP MARKETPLACE is a platform that facilitates contact and access to information for users interested in the commercialization or licensing of patents, project banking and open innovation. However, the IP MARKETPLACE team is not involved in negotiations between interested parties and does not provide legal advice to support these negotiations.

All sections of the IP MARKETPLACE are accessible without prior registration. You can view the technology offers/needs, open innovation space, success stories and project bank sections as a visitor. However, in order to publish or respond to a technological offer/need on the IP MARKETPLACE you must register free of charge and simply on the IP MARKETPLACE.

No. The publication of your offer/need on the IP MARKETPLACE is supported by OMPIC.

Please submit only one submission with all patent holder names. However, you must have the prior consent of all holders before publishing your technological offer on the IP MARKETPLACE.

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